tube of wonderful (tubeofwonderful) wrote,
tube of wonderful

lyrics? I really don't know...

Everything here is gone now
Everyone i know has left me
Wanting more of life
i seem to get lost every time
You look at me with those brown
Eyes peering at me
with this line of questioning
Why am I still here?
And where do I go from here?
Where will you and I be
When I am
gone away from here
Maybe we'll meet again
then again
I'll never see you again

So here we are now
looking into old photo books
spread out on
your bedroom floor is so
the way things used to be when
we would go out with each other
and I would drink and you
would drive me nuts
with all these things you
used to keep my head
together we used to be the best of friends--
but now I feel like you are
gone away from here
forever more...
this free verse seems to
trattle on with me
If you wanna
go with me into that other place
they'll never find us...

so hang my picture on your
walls remember things the
mind forgets
your number still inside
my mind is reeling...
I can't forget
your name is on my mind
more time is all
I want the world to stop for
just this once
I want to hear you
when I call you up
you're never there--
I need you to
come back...

miss you man...
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