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Holy Shit. I haven't been on here in more than a year. I guess that's a good thing-- too busy living to type about life by the light of a glowing screen.

Many changes to the status quo:

-I'm married now, and in 2 weeks it will have been 6 Months! Woot! I'm not gonna brag (much) but I think I'm pretty damn good at being a husband, but there's always room for improvement... I'm loving my life right now--

-I'm actively trying to better my physical prowess... I really don't want to be Mr. Achy Knees for the rest of my life, especially during what's left of my 20s...

-I turn 29 soon, and I'm not sure what I should do with my last year of 20-hood... Tattoos are a definite, but I think something more substantial, like a real push to do more with my artwork... One big show before I turn 30... I know, this whole "One Song, Glory" thing is a tad too RENT for some... But I look at my walls and I'm not happy that I've been staring at the same paintings, unmoving, for the last 3 years...

When everything in life is great, therein lies the opportunity to make it greater...

I gotta go!

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