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best myspace survey? or lamest blog ever?

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The Best Myspace Survey EVER! [[includes ur top8]]
The Basics
Nicknames:Lopez, Lopey, rLo, Mr. Richie Lo,
Hair Color:Brown
Luv it?!:Yes?
Eye Color:Brown
Luv it?!:I suppose I do...
Any Pets? Name em.:Max (deceased) - Koti (given away, mom was allergic)
Hometown:Da Wood (I guess is what we're calling it now)
Where Were you born?:Queens, NY
Are you awesome?:Through a series of scientific tests and theorums placed in the hands of the worlds greatest biologists-- My blood was found to carry the "AWESOME GENE" so yes.
Color:Red, but I rarely wear it
Place to Hang-out:Palisades mall-- b/c you could live there if you had to...
Place:My Room
Girl Name:Josie
Boy Name:Max
Store:Zapp! Comics
Movie:wow. that's a hard one... Muppets Take Manhattan, probably...
Tv Show:How I Met Your Mother
Song:At the moment? "Holiday" by Weezer... Or "Only in Dreams"
Band:The Rentals
Singer:Eddie Vedder
Kind of Music:Alt Rock or Indie
Book:The Dark Knight Returns, The Watchmen
Saying:"I wish that was my girlfriend" (laced with sarcasm - coined by my gf in Jersey Gardens)
Food:Mac and Cheese with cut up hotdogs (Nathan's)
Soda:Vanilla Coke Zero
Drink:Jack and Coke
Tea:Lemon Zinger
Cpu Brand:Apple
Day Of the Week:Friday
Clothes Brand:More Gap and Target than anything else...
Cereal:gave it up... used to be Reese's Puff Cereal
Resturant:El Bandido - Spring Valley
Fast Food Resturant:Quizno's
Disney Channel Movie:Newsies
Your Top 8
5.:Chris G.
How did u meet 8?:My GF's Sister
Do u have fun with 3?:When I go to Boston, or she comes down here, yeah!
Do u tell 2 all your secerts?:Every last one
How long have you known 1:9 and a half on this plane and 2 on the next
Had 6 ever made u cry?:when he started painting clouds...
Would 5 nd 8 make a cute couple?:Nope.
Does 4 ever got on ur nerves?:Never. Even though She's my lil sister....
Are you related to any of them?:Nicky's my Brother from another mother, same with chris and lissy. Mal's my friend in law, like a sister to me...
Do you go to school with number one?:High School and Some college
How about number 6?:College
What does 3 call u [[nickname-wise]]?:Lopey
Do you secertly hate 7?:No...
Do you love everyone on your top 8?:More than Most...
Your Perfect Partner <3 (PS-- I Already Met Her)
Color Eyes:Brown
Color Hair:Reddish Brown
Any piercings?:Not too many
Any tatoos?:Totally- Especially Heart on the arm!
Drunkard?:Only after the 3rd drink... Lol
Has Money?:Enough to support my borke artist ass!
Sweet?:Yeah, but with a strong jab.
What will be his/her talents:To keep me grounded... And always know what to say... You're the best...

Well that completes it for me-- no more Surveys...
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