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taking a break from the "coolness" that is myspace/// or: taking a break from a fad

I'm convinced that I should write in here, b/c my good buddy lark writes here alot still, and while I'm not one to do what other people do, she's a pretty good role model. That run-on sentence being completed, I'm super focused on making a difference in someone's life this week, particularly my own. I'm hitting a wall it would seem, and whether or not hitting a wall is good therapy for the soul or just a way for a kid between the ages of 12 and 17 to vent their anger, much to the dismay of the homeowner, is beside the point... I'm really going nowhere here. In this entry or in life in general... I have to sell paintings so that I can afford my simple semblance of an existence somewhere-- somewhere far from here, and closer to my girl. She makes me smile, that girl of mine...

I feel as though it is time for me to do what I always told Nick I would do-- and just so it comes true, I'm not telling any of you what I'm going to do.
He knows and I know. I think we're good this way.

As I listen to my iPod playlist of carefully selected Pearl Jam songs, I hear him in my head singing. Always singing. I love that boy. I'm missing things alot these days, and at the same time I'm comforted everyday by the fact that he's right here. All of the time. i don't want to miss my present b/c I'm thinking of the past, but at the same time I don't feel that my daydreams of my 9 3/4 year friendship hurt anything. i know that time waits for no one...

anyhoo, this one's getting long--

there, Larky, I did one...

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