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Cleaning up my room is one of those things that always drives me down memory lane-- it's great--

I found a christmas card that a former high school crush sent me in the mail a while back-- this was particularly funny for three reasons:

1. I hadn't talked to her in forever

2. she had put in it one of those photo stickers featuring she and her beau on a boat in their bathing suits, with her boyfriend practically spooning her....

3. I couldn't help but notice in the return address that she had appropriated her BF's last name?!

I turn to Nick first of all when I pulled this out of the mailbox not recognizing the last name, and I say "Who the F*** is ____ _____?"

He's like, did ____ get married??

So I open it up, And I'm like-- "WTF?? Nick, what kind of chick sends a christmas card to a guy who used to like her like YEARS ago, with a picture of her in a 2-piece, getting spooned by her man??"

He's like, "her?"

So he and I just died laughing in my driveway, get in his focus and haul it to the diner where we play phone tag wondering why it was we weren't invited to the wedding, even though I got a christmas card... Funny as all hell--

Well, I'm gonna go back to cleaning... Watching the Big Lebowski... Funny shite...
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